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Here you can get to know me a bit.


About me

My name is Michal Tuleja, I live in Lodz, Poland. I am passionate software developer, looking for people to share my passion. If you are interested in any type of collaboration with me, feel free to contact.

My career

Currently I work as a backend web developer for one of the big companies in Germany.
My professional work has started from basic PHP projects. Later I attended one small British company doing PHP/JS Facebook Frontend/Backend developer. In Feb 2013 I started my current job for Accenture. I recently joined project as JavaScript frontend and SharePoint backend development, for another two big companies. It was a lot of fun and brings me a lot of experience.

You can see my CV by clicking on this link.

My personal work/projects/studies

My hobby is JavaScript backend/server, recently I'am interested in Node.js development
I studied computer science in Technical University of Lodz. The main topic of the courses I attended was web programming and low-level stuff like microcontrollers.
One of my projects is InteliFusion.net site, the aim of this is to provide collaboration tools, but it still needs development.

Non-technical interests

I really like travel. Getting to know other countries foreign cultures. I also like to learn foreign languages, especially Germanic and Slavic. The page with my past journeys is still under development but you can look my Facebook profile. I mainly travel around Europe. My favourite part of Europe is Scandinavia - calm lifestyle, cold weather and beautiful landscape. I don't want to live my whole life in one place, I plan to move somewhere in the future - maybe outside Europe.

Contact me

Do you think we have some things in common? You need language tandem partner? Maybe you have some interesting thing to challenge? Do you want to join me or compete during archieving these aims? Do you have interesting projects or ideas to share? Looking for a travel partner, propose interesting place to visit? Feel free to write.